Drifting by Intention

This web site presents the book “Drifting by Intention – Four Epistemic Traditions from within Constructive Design Research” published in Springer series Design Research Foundations 2020. The book is build from a set of papers also available from this web site. Additionally, we use this platform to avail materials related to presentations and workshops related to the book.

Design is concerned with putting new stuff into the world whether that be object, services, systems, spaces or… The intriguing question this book sets out to explore and provide tools and models for is: “What happens when you design with the objective to build knowledge?” The key ideas of the book are that all designers drift (dynamically pursue changing objectives) as they learn more about the challenge at hand. This need to be respected when design does research. Secondly, as any other (research) discipline there are particular ways of knowing and trusting – epistemologies. In the book we present the four epistemic traditions we have found at work in Constructive design research.